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The Great Deals offered by the Party Poker Code

Prior to the 2006 UIGEA being signed into effect in America, Party Poker was once the dominant force in the online poker industry. But that’s not to say that they don’t still retain plenty of popularity today. After all, Party Poker still offers big tournaments, great promotions and a big signup bonus. Speaking of the latter, by using our Party Poker code, you can ensure that you’ll get the largest bonus possible. That said, let’s discuss this fantastic deal below and how you go about earning lots of free cash.

Two Different Options

If you go through PokerStop. com, you’ll have two different options regarding your Party Poker bonus. By using the «SCORE25″ code and depositing at least $50, you’ll receive a free $25 bonus immediately. This money can be used in real money cash games and tournaments, but remember that it has to go through wagering requirements before being cashed out.

The other offer is a 100% up to $500+$25 bonus that’s given when you deposit at least $25 and use the «PKR500″ code. This bonus is nice because it gives frequent players a chance to collect far more money than they would from a free $25 reward alone.

How to earn the Party Poker Signup Bonus

As with any poker site, you need to hit the real money tables at Party – cash games and/or tournaments – to unlock the 100% up to $500 match bonus. It takes 8 points to unlock every $1 of the signup reward, and you earn 2 points for every dollar raked. So basically, it takes $4 in rake to collect each dollar of the bonus. These things are always better explained with an example, which is provided below:

  • You deposit $250.
  • To earn the full bonus, you’ll need to earn 2, 000 total points.
  • You rake $1, 000, which nets you the necessary 2k points to unlock the full $250.

Additional Benefits of Party Points

Aside from just unlocking your signup bonus, these points are also helpful because they earn you extra rewards. Furthermore, you can use your points to enter poker tournaments for free or to get merchandise from the store. So it definitely pays to play as much poker as you can at Party. The only step left now is to sign up at this poker site and make a deposit while using one of the aforementioned bonus codes.