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The Latest Online Casino Games for Beginners

If you are a newcomer to the casino world, you will undoubtedly find the most fun and steepest learning curve on online gambling sites. Online casino gambling is blossoming for a variety of reasons, and the top one is accessibility. At the click of a mouse, you are transported into a world of possibility, with games and wagering systems to last you a lifetime. The variety of games and their ease of access can be overwhelming for a new player, so here we review the best games to get you started on your online casino journey!

There are online casino games that are perfect for gambling beginners.


There is no other casino game which screams «Play me!» louder than slots. The sheer variety of designs and reel combinations which you find at your fingertips is truly mesmerizing, and you will be wanting more and more of it. Slots are also among the simplest games in terms of rules and strategy – or so it seems. Take a look at our comprehensive review of the varieties of slots most reputable casinos will offer you as well as some winning strategies you can use in your playing. Whatever you do, slots remain a favourite among casino online games and are here to stay, so get familiar with them!


A centuries-old classic, blackjack has fared exceptionally well during casinos’ move to the Internet and remains the top card-based online casino game. Its rules are easy to follow, so it is an excellent starting point for building your card-gambling skills. Many casinos will offer you a «live» option on top of the regular graphic representation of the game, which enhances the realism and also raises the heat for more enjoyment. In the end, it is all about beating the dealer without going over 21, right? A simple premise which guarantees you a thrilling game nonetheless. Remember not to hold back too much: a CNN report shows blackjack players are too conservative lately and links excessive cautiousness to something as big as the recent economic recession.


Another longtime favorite which still gathers popularity online is roulette, in both its French and American varieties. Gambling online would definitely be much more boring without the spinning wheel, and many new players make it their game of choice because it is easy to follow and holds the possibility of big winnings. It passes as a casino game with little to no skill requirements, but this is in fact not true. There are many aspects to roulette game play and betting which you need to be conscious of, as our roulette strategy recap points out as well. Be wary of «ironclad» strategies which promise secure winnings every time; no such thing exists. You can educate yourself about other legitimate betting systems, though, which increase your edge through combinations of zone and general bets. However you choose to play, roulette will deliver excitement with every spin!

Texas Hold’em

Ever since James Bond’s intense performance in «Casino Royale», Texas Hold’em skyrocketed in demand. As a confirmation of the game’s insane popularity, various Facebook fan pages of this card game sports plenty of likes and offers you numerous online gaming opportunities, too. Regardless if you play casino games of any other sort, Texas Hold’em will instantly up your cool factor. The good news is, it is not a difficult game at all, and it packs a lot of excitement, which makes it perfect for a novice. You get two cards face down which only you can see, and five community cards open to all players. Your task is to discover the strongest possible five-card combination among these seven, and you can use both, one, or none of your own cards for it. Compared to other hold’em games (e. g. Omaha), this is a very liberal approach which gives you a lot of maneuver room.

Dive into the sea of possibilities!

Whatever your natural preferences are, do not shun from experimenting in your first days and weeks at the online casino. When you find your favorite virtual gambling house, explore all the above games as well as their variants. They are all well suited for new players and show you how the world of online gambling ticks!